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Following the human curb

Rectangular frame supports backrest is as simple as body curve. All the adjustable devices with various function is applied with essential in mind. Moses series move with your body with human understanding functions and design giving you double pleasure.



The two-pivoted headrest allows precise adjustments of the angle and the height, where user can loosen the two knobs at the backside of the the headrest to move the headrest up and down or backward and forth to the desired position and tighten the knobs to support neck and shoulder comfortably in any seating position.(Pic.1,2,3)

Adjustable Armrest with Polyurethane Armpad

Adjustable armrest with chrome finish, a compactly desingned armrest height adjustment to firmly support elbows and eliminate stress for extended hours of work; while the polyurethane armpad is soft and designed with pivot adjustable mechanism allow top slider to rotate in multi-angle to enhance support with best comfort.(Pic.4,5)

Nylon High Base

5 pronged high black nylon base, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability.(Pic6)

Aluminium Base

5 pronged die-cast aluminium polished base, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability.(Pic.7)

Polyurethane Castors

Sturdy 60mm polyurethane dual-wheel castors are designed for smooth gliding with safety feature,enable user to swivel in any directions in a perfect balanced-environment, and also reduce floor stratches and chair noise while moving.( Pic. 8)

Leather/ Mesh Backrest

Italian genuine leather finish , you may feel further delicacy on the surfaces from the geniune fine leather on the backrest, headrest and the seating area.(Pic.9)

High fibre composition with high abrasion strength polyester mesh offers the pleasant feel of mesh along with firmer durability and higher elasticity, allows user with body- fitting comfort, releasing heat and moisture where the follow of air between user back achieving an ideal thermal control, ensuring user with utmost pleasant feel evev prolonged seating hours.(Pic.10

Adjustable Backrest with Lumbar Support

Sophisticated well -desingned moulded polypropylene frame backrest with height adjustable mechanism, along with soft and cushiony lumbar support is desingned to provide excellent back support while relieving fatigue even for prolonged seating hours.(Pic.11,12,13)

Tilting Mechanism

Rotary Synchronized Mechanism from Cofemo Italy, provides with seat height adjustment mechanism where user can adjust the height of the seat depending on the user height to achieve best comfort position , multi-position locking and revolving tension control function.preferred working postures, making every seating position a perfect  balanced enviroment .(Pic.14)

Synchronized Tilting

The seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to the body sitting motion, giving full support and maximize comfort.(Pic.15)

Height Adjustable Pneumatic Cylinder 

Imported heavy duty pneumatic cylinder designed with safety and durability features, allows for height adjusment of the chair to suit each users physique.(Pic.16)

Polyurethane Moulded Foam

High density polyurethane moulded foam come with fire retardant feature, gives the seat flexibility to conform user seating posture,
provides great support and best comfort even for long seating hours.The black finish seat cover below is designed for greater protection to the foam, quality upholstery and user safety.(Pic.17)

Optional Feature

5 pedestal high legged black finish nylon base with sturdy 60mm dual-wheel polyurethane castors.
5 pronged die-cast aluminium polished base with sturdy 60mm dual-wheel polyurethane castors.
Adjustable armrest in chrome finish allows multi-locking position and pivot top PU pad.
Rotary Synchronized Mechanism designed for seat height adjustment, multi-position locking and revolving tension control.

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